Yang Udsen

Yang Udsen is inspired by shapes (light and shadow) and of colors (feelings). Currently she is captured by layers, ambiguity and composite motives, which is also clear from the lighting works made for Kuvio.

She tries to zoom in, register, detach, purge and open the detail, in her work. Sometimes, a detail is placed in a new context where the detail's aesthetic character is evoked and can be seen with new eyes. Yang works with sensual expressions, with space for both violence and ease - from the powerful black shadow to the finest and fragile pastel colored line.

"I practice beauty, but not necessarily the given one. There must be room for the viewer's own thoughts and the personal experience that can be a different one from my own".

Udsen's technique is a combination of rigid and experimental. Discipline in performance is important to her while trying to go new ways, even with her materials. "It's a paradox where I stick to some classic approaches and at the same time let me challenge by a great curiosity and excitement."