Kim soya


I've always loved art. Even at an early age I would regularly visit museums and art galleries. I was fascinated by the aesthetic aspect of it, by that feeling I got when I saw something that I instantly fell in love with. Something I could look at forever, without really knowing why.

As an adult I started to buy prints to hang on the wall at home, but I never had the same feeling about these as I had in the galleries and museums. The posters gave me such a "flat" feeling… they were just too ordinary - everyone I knew had posters. A simple print didn't reflect any of the effort and talent of the artist. There was no falling in love with these.

I always dreamed about something of a far higher quality; something on another medium than a poster. A few times a year I would visit my aunt and uncle, who were fortunate enough to be able to own art of the type I could only experience in galleries, and I always dreamed about being able to have art of this quality hanging in my apartment.


Then, during one visit, I was introduced to a new work they had installed in their living room - a light installation by Kim Soya - and an idea started to blossom. The image itself was amazing, but the back-light made the motif light up and become the center of attention, creating an incredible cozy atmosphere in the room . My first thought was: "I love it!" My second thought was that I wanted to bring this experience into more people's homes.

Lightboxes had been used by artists in museums and galleries for a long time, but you would have to be extremely wealthy to acquire one of your own. I thought that was such a shame, as it is a wonderful medium for giving a sense of depth, for showing colours as they truly are, and for reinforcing the artistic expression and experience.

An idea was then born… and from that came Kuvio.


Kuvio means "pattern" in Finnish. Much art, whether abstract, realist, or impressionist, plays with our perceptions of pattern and shape, of form and colour. By changing the way we perceive patterns and shapes, art can let us to see things differently, or help to make sense of the world around and inside us.

At Kuvio we want to let you experience the true emotion that comes with owning real art, and for that art to be shown at its very best. We combine beautiful Danish-designed lightboxes with unique and striking contemporary artworks. Our LED systems have been carefully chosen to highlight colour and textures exactly as the artist intended. Because they are fully dimmable you can set the perfect level of backlighting for each piece, and for every room.

We handpick the best modern artists with an edge whose work moves us with its power and uniqueness. We select the pieces that our lightboxes will make live and breathe.

Simply put, Kuvio allows you to experience art at its best, in your own home.