My heart is a flower blooming out of my mouth

Lucas De Moraes

Photographs usually generate accurate images of the reality and show that: this is how it looks! With the involvement of something unusual, a flower petal, the artist is able to capture the viewer. A photograph that manages to get the viewer to look an extra time, to see if it really reflects what we see. ’My heart is a flower blooming out of my mouth’, is at one a strong statement piece and at the same time a beautiful portrait.

Limited edition of 100
Numbered and signed by the artist




With this lightbox you can give your home a personal and artistic touch.



  • The lightbox is supplied with a white 2 m. cable and a power supply.
  • The brightness level can be adjusted via push-button on the included power supply.
  • Dimension: H: 50 x W: 50 x D: 4,5 cm