A lightbox is a great medium to give a sense of depth, enhance the
artistic expression and add a nice lighting to a room.



Why choose a lightbox?


Stand out from the crowd

A lightboxe make you stand out. Not only because of the artwork but also because of the way it is presented. All the different artworks in our lightboxes are exclusive replicas for Kuvio and come in a limited edition. This means that you won’t find the work elsewhere, and it will not be seen in every other home. Additionally, lightboxes are a brand new medium to display art that will certainly differ from other types of artwork.

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The ultimate atmosphere

A lightbox is a great new medium to spread warmth and life in a room. Light is a huge attraction to us humans, and we have been drawn to it and gathered around it, since fire was the only light source, when darkness came. Today, we put candles on the dinner table and use light to create a cozy atmosphere. Illuminated artworks are a completely new way of creating a room full of life, and at the same time creating a warm, unique and ‘hyggelig’ atmosphere.


Creating light in the darkness

No matter what ambience you're looking for in your home decoration, lightboxes create light in the dark. Our lightboxes can be adjusted in brightness, making it possible to emphasize a specific mood in your home. Are you going to cook in the kitchen or read a book in the living room, you can turn up the light level and let the lightbox light up the room. Are you enjoying a romantic dinner in the dining room or enjoying a movie on the couch, the light can be turned down to the lowest and create a cozy lighting.


Colors and contrasts are the new black

If you already love to decorate your home with colors and contrasts, a lightbox is really a must have. You can either create a picture wall with other pieces of art, and there is no doubt a lightbox will stand out from the crowd, or you can choose to have only the lightbox hanging, so it’s in focus. Whatever option you choose, the lightbox will spread colors and creates a contrast to your home decoration.


Below you will find a wide selection of Kuvio's lightboxes with modern art made in collaboration with established and upcoming artists from all over the world.